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Jeanine Witten05/01/2017
My new clothes dryer was not drying. The outlet was checked to insure there was enough power. The 2 young men providing service checked my fuse box where they discovered water which was causing a short in the fuses. The fuses were replaced and my dryer is working great. I had bought a special for two hours for $180. Two men came out for 1 hour. I did expect to get a little more work done for 2 hours but I did get the main job that i had requested.
Camille Connell-Magaw04/13/2017
They were really good, they were very responsive and they gave us a quote the same week. They can do a better job of itemizing the list. A more detailed quote would be good, a little more professionalism put into the writing of it. I have seen one contractor do an excellent job of their write-up. That is what I’m comparing it to. I’m not even talking about the formatting or anything, a more detailed, clear, itemized list would be better. They did provide an itemized list, but it wasn’t as detailed. They were very professional, I thought they were good. Honestly, I would still consider them, I just need to talk to other contractors.
afshan maase02/09/2017
We initially bought the 4hours for $300 package. Tendai Furusa came in on time although they initially showed up at our old address, but that was our fault. They were kind enough not to penalize us because of the late start. They worked faster than we thought, to the point there was 30 minutes of spare time. They even asked for more work so that we didn’t lose the remaining 30 minutes of work. Effecient and very professional!
karine carbel02/02/2017
Went well. They were on time and completed the job as per expectation.
Vinod Raghavan01/10/2017
Tee was a pleasure to work with. Despite being contacted in the midst of the hectic holiday season, he responded quickly to thoroughly inspect and plan out the potential job and provide an estimate. He was able to come back within a week to do the actual work! Everything went smoothly and quickly and our cable service now works the way it should.
Joanne Jensen01/02/2017
Tee and Jake arrived on time and were very professional. They laid cover on the floor and sofa to keep it as clean as possible. They also helped move furniture around to facilitate the installation. I wasn’t around when the work was done, but it looks nice when I got back home when it was all done. Great job! The price is fair and better than what I quoted from another electrician, too, granted I got a promotional value.
Ruirong Zheng12/16/2016
Service went very well. Very professional wiring job.
Kamal Asar12/12/2016
The guys showed up exactly when they told me they would be there. They greeted me with great professionalism and went right to work. Took them a little longer than an hour but I knew that up front. The job was done perfectly. As a matter of fact they discovered my bathroom fan had never been vented properly so they made the necessary repair. Very happy. I will use them again.
David Corso12/02/2016
Everything went well.
Renee Drueke11/28/2016
It went very well!! They had a lot of work to do to locate a closed area where the wires could be snaked through to accomplish the finished product, as well as to make sure existing switches could be used for my new light. They were prompt, very friendly and extremely professional. They worked for several hours, which included 2 trips out to purchase necessary items, in order to complete the installation to my satisfaction, and theirs. They did not leave the project until they were happy with the job, which made me very happy as well. Once complete, they cleaned the work area, and moved my furniture back in place. I am a very satisfied customer, and I highly recommend this company for all your electrical needs.
Elizabeth Biery11/14/2016
Quite well – I phoned them this AM and informed then that my replacement fan had been delivered. They arranged to come an hour later. The installation went smoothly and they performed their work professionally and in a friendly manner. They cleaned up after themselves well.
Thomas Basso11/07/2016
Electricians promptly replied, easily analyzed, and efficiently fixed randomly recurring problems. They were a delight to work with, professional, and extremely conscientious with removing any mess. I would definitely hire them again. (*Note – Cost includes an expensive shower fan/light replacement).
Joan T Keane10/24/2016
They were originally scheduled to come my home on Thursday morning but were kind enough to let me know there were traffic problems and, I could re-schedule. They came on Saturday morning promptly at 9:15am and were simply wonderful replacing my 20 year old hard-wired smoke detectors and heat detectors. The work was completed in one hour and, I could enjoy the rest of the day.
Yolanda Harris10/16/2016
Tee was such a pleasure to work with. He came out to troubleshoot a couple lights that went out at the same time. He started with the lights themselves and then moved to the switch and discovered the problem there. He had everything he needed to fix the problem right away and now our lights work! All the while he was really friendly. I contacted another company at the same time and they were transparent and mentioned there was a fee for just the troubleshooting visit after which they would provide and estimate and come back to do the work. I cancelled that appointment because Tee already said he would come out later that week and it sounded like he expected that he could fix it that day. So I went with him and my broken lights are working again!
Jeanne Cheng08/19/2016
Tee and Jake were a pleasure. They worked hard and got the job done. I have to say that these guys came in at almost half the price as another larger company (which charged me just to come test if the wires were live (which took a couple of minutes) and write me an estimate). I don’t normally go for bargain prices on service, but these guys were great and did an excellent job. I will definitely call them back if we ever need any other electrical work done.
Lidia Lomuto07/26/2016
Called within the time told to say they were in the area.  Kitchen fan installed very quickly and electrical work in backyard done.  Very pleased and would not hesitate to call them again.
Cheryl Burgess06/27/2016
Rewired house and upgraded service.
Anastasia Lopopolo06/08/2016
Their work was great.  This was a smaller project that went quickly and efficiently.  Tee and his partner did a nice job explaining the job and items that could impact the installation and price prior to starting the work.  The project proceeded nicely and none of these caveats came into play.  I’m very pleased with the work and would definitely recommend them.
Rick Bourque04/20/2016
They are quick and did a good job
Yili Wang03/23/2016
Replaced all of the smoke and heat detectors in the house.
Robert Slapikoff02/10/2016
Tee is always a pleasure to deal with and does excellent work.
Paul Giblin01/13/2016
Tee did a great job.  He handled the permits and installations all in the same day and the work was done exactly as requested.  I will use him again and will recommend him to others.
Chris Sullivan01/12/2016
Responded promptly to service request.  Identified source of problem and restored power to dining room outlets.  Installed new outlet in living room.  Very professional.
Louis Esposito01/01/2016

T. is responsive, professional and does excellent work for a fair price.

Linda Picceri12/17/2015

I had used Tee before, back in September, after having experienced a nightmare situation with a local “Highly rated” electrician.  Tee was very responsive, honest, and professional.  I was very impressed with his work ( he installed a new breaker panel and rewired everything going into it) so it was a no brainer to call Tee when I required several rooms in my home to be wired to have access for cable.  He returned my call within a half an hour and we scheduled a time for him to stop by the house.  He came by to inspect the areas involved and check out the various potential conduits that he would have to access to run cable from the basement throughout the house to the target rooms.  After spending some time evaluating the job, he quoted me the price which I found to be reasonable.  On the scheduled day, he showed up with his assistant, Jake, and went to work.  They were focused and worked fast while being courteous and friendly.  The job took about 7 and 1/2 hours but they got it done, fishing cable from the basement to various rooms thru the walls and even up to the attic to get down into a bedroom.  The outlets were all appropriately placed and clean. In fact, they cleaned up all the areas so well that there was no evidence of any work having been done.  At the end of it, Tee asked me if I had a splitter to connect all the lines to the main cable line coming in to the house in the basement because if I didn’t, I’d have to schedule a Comcast apt to get the lines connected and tested.  I did have one, an amplifier 6-way splitter, which Tee installed, connecting all the lines.  When we tested the connections, the signal was perfect.  I cannot stress enough how good this electrician is and I highly recommend him for your electrical needs.  Tradesmen like him are tough to find these days, try him and you’ll agree.  A+++++,


Awesome… Tee showed up at 8:00 as promised and stayed until the job was done. Very easy to work with and sets realistic expectations before the work begins. This is my second time using Tee and will continue to use him.

Patrick Doak10/12/2015

Tee responded to my inquiry next business day.  Arrived right on time for scheduled appointment and very courteous.  Tee gave us a flat rate for the service.  We weren’t sure what was causing a few outlets to not function and had already tried a few attempts to fix to no avail.  Within two hours Tee and another fellow diagnosed the issue and corrected a wiring issue that another electrician had done incorrectly.  We would definitely use Tee again and recommend him to others.

Update:  We found a few issues afterward and called Tee.  When they repositioned our bed, and cord was wedged underneath and pulled from the socket.  He was responsive and came back the next day.
04/29/2015 – Thomas Hoyle
All went well replacing the broken down bathroom ventilation fan with a new one. I was very satisfied with the work done.

Karen Breen05/13/2015

Two electrical panels needed to be rewired and relabeled in order to correct out-of-code conditions. Tee responded quickly to the request, work was done quickly and professionally. I also had Tee’s company install a ceiling fan earlier in June via an Angie’s list deal. I would definitely use this company again, and I have recommended them to others.

Kathleen Barrett08/21/2015

Tee was great! He got the appointment time mixed up a little but was only 30 mins off, it happens. He was upfront with the cost and what they had to do to complete the job, very honest.  I’ll definitely be using him again for my next project.

Brian Robichaud07/17/2015

Tee was the most responsive and communicative of any contractor I’ve worked with, returning calls and emails promptly.  Tee also called when he was running a little late to the appointment to give me an update – a rare, but valued behavior from any professional contractor!  Tee and Jake (? sorry – may have the name wrong) were fabulous from beginning to end.  Very friendly, explained things clearly, performed the work quickly, professionally and cleanly – you can actually tell they enjoy their work!  They also managed to avoid disturbing any of the finish in my finished basement which was super appreciated.  Highly recommended and would use them again for ANY electrical work in Westford

Simon Webb06/19/2015

Tee was prompt, courteous and professional!

Lauren Schmitt05/27/2015

He came out to look at the work we needed the day after I called him.  I had an estimate two days later and the work was done within a week.  Tee did a great job and we would definitely have him back again.
Tee did a number of jobs at our home – installed a new bathroom fan, put a different bathroom fan on a dedicated switch, installed a new light in the basement and added a handful of electrical and cable outlets in the basement.

Meridith Treible01/16/2015

Tee install recessed LED lights in my kitchen, a new outlet in my basement, a new outdoor motion detector light, in addition to some smaller routine maintenance tasks to outlets/switches. He was prompt and thorough and delivered at the promised time and price. If you live in the greater Westford/Chelmsford area, I would make Tee your “go to” electrician.

Thomas Phillips01/13/2015

Tee fit us in around other projects.. so it was tight on the completion time line, but he got the work done, and was professional and dedicated throughout the process.   I appreciated his willingness to work with us and to accomplish this project for us, even in the very cold of Winter.
I would certainly have him back again for the next project.

Stephen Pustell01/01/2015

Installed new outdoor wiring to two new post lamps. Coordinated their arrival to be here just before the granite posts were delivered. Worked with the post delivery guy to run the wires through the posts and install the posts in the pre-dug holes. After posts were installed, they installed the lighting fixtures and checked out the lights.

Dick Driscoll12/19/2014

Replaced and fixed several light fixtures and switches. Good job. Good price. Easy to deal with. Resolved a couple of application specific problems that other vendors shied away from.

Leonard Natoli12/18/2014

Tendai was very responsive, courteous and professional.  The decision to ultimately not use his services was due to cost not his professionalism or quality.

Jennifer Murphy11/27/2014

I am highly pleased with the services.  I sent a request for service and got a response on the same day asking when he could come by to look at the work and give me an estimate.  It was the next day and the work was scheduled for a few days later.  Tee is a pleasure to work with, professional, knowledgable, punctual and his cost was exactly what was quoted.  He brought all of the materials needed and executed his work efficiently.  i will definitely use this provider again.

Robert Knapp III05/20/2014

Awesome .Set up pool electrical and ground. Prior recessed lighting and island lighting.

sheree bereshny11/06/2014

Tendai arrived on time and worked with one goal of completing the job properly. Due to schedule I was unable to be there during the work. I asked him to call when he was done so that I could inspect the work and properly pay. I was delayed due to traffic and he waited around. Very easy to work with and super friendly.
With no doubt I will ask him to complete future work for me.

Frederic Baly10/03/2014

He is good. I contacted him again because he had done more substantial work for me about a month before hand. I just needed an electrician to sign off because, in Massachusetts, they have a state program here where they will pay the money to insulate your attic, but you have to do a bunch of things like getting signed-off by an electrician and they reimburse you for that. So, I was not too worried about the money. He seemed to be able to fit people in pretty easily. He came around and had a look with what I needed on the same day. He came quite quickly. He answered other questions I had about electrical things which I thought was good and he sort of told me stuff I can do myself than he could probably do. The price seemed a little high.I did use Tendai Furusa Electrician recently. He came twice and the last time was a couple of weeks ago and he did an inspection of my attic for knotting two wiring so I can get some insulation done. The other substantial work he did was removing and rewiring a section of knotted two wiring that was in our entry way. It was just a difficult one to get to. He came in and did that within two days and did it in half a day.

David Hutchinson09/15/2014

Tee is professional, personable, punctual and reasonably priced. He’s very responsive and clear in what the job will entail. He does everything by the book which gives us confidence in his work. We are very happy with the level of service he provided and will hire him again in the future. We definitely recommend Tee for your electrical work!

Amy Lima09/07/2014

Tee is a great electrician!  We’ve used him twice in the past year and will call him any time we have any other electrical needs.
For the first job (June 2013), he ran CAT5, cable TV and speaker wiring throughout our condo.  It was a massive job that required lots of clever cable routings.  The completed job was exactly what we needed and it looks great.
The second job (May 2014) was installing a dedicated AC line from our breaker panel to our deck all the way on the other side of the condo.  Tee’s professionalism is much appreciated.  He spends a lot of time scoping out projects so there are no surprises.
Thanks, Tee!

FRANK BRUSCA09/02/2014

Tee was excellent in quickly responding to my rental property electrical issue which involved obtaining a permit and working with inspectional people. Tee arrived on time and did a good job. A+ Electrician!

Joseph Sheedy08/07/2014

Tee is probably the most dedicated and professional electrician I have ever worked with. His estimate was very clear and was able to schedule the work very quickly, which was very convenient for us. Tee showed up on time and was very clear about his methods and the work that needed to be done.
The first day Tee worked in our house, he was here for about 10 hrs, just so he would not let anything unfinished. He worked tirelessly the whole time and with just a small break on the afternoon (I could not believe it).
The remaining of the work was done in a timely fashion and everything is working as expected. Needless to say, I am very happy with the outcome of his work and with no hesitation will consider hiring him again as well as recommending him to our family/friends.

Luisa Robert07/29/2014

Prompt and courteous service…showed up on time and completed the job the same day.Disconnect hot tub, replace/repair a couple of switches and install replacement outdoor floodlight fixture.

Robert Mclaughlin07/13/2014

I called this morning and had everything repaired and replaced by 2PM.  Mr. Furusa was pleasant, efficient, and professional.
He showed up when he said he would. His estimate matched his bill. He cleaned everything up when he was done. He explained what he was doing. I would highly recommend him and I would call him again.Mr. Furusa repaired the short circuit in my kitchen outlet.He also replaced the breaker for the furnace.

Mary Kelly07/07/2014

I will only call Tendai Furusa for all of my electrical needs.Tee methodically root caused a short in my exterior lights and fixed the system. Other electricians just quoted new installations without even trying to understand the problem. Tee also installed two circuits in my basement very cleanly.
Tee is the very best.

Eric Sondhi06/02/2014
Mr. Furusa was on-time for the appointment.  We quickly agreed on the price for the service, and then he proceeded immediately to perform the task at hand. He was friendly, professional, and courteous.  I would definitely use him again for any electrical projects.
Elaine Yip07/20/2014
On Tuesday a storm caused trees to fall on our electric line pulling the mast (the pole containing the electric wires) off the house, damaging the electric meter box, and of course leaving us completely without any electric.  The sparking and arcing was exciting!  We reported this to National Grid but they could not come until Wednesday afternoon to repair the line.  This is when we learned National Grid is not responsible for the electric service all the way to their meter.  They only bring the electric to the first point on the house and then the homeowner is responsible to bring the electric from that point to the NG meter and then finally into the house.
We called many electricians that afternoon but they were too busy for this small job or didn’t return the call until 2 days later.  Tee came out right away and gave us a reasonable quote.  He restored the power to the house the same day!
Tee always communicated any additional cost before he did the work.  There was some because of how some electrical codes are interpreted by inspectors but in a situation like this some should be expected.
Tee’s equipment appeared to be in good shape and up to date.  Tee’s attitude was always professional.  There was absolutely no “nasty contractor’s attitude” that we have all experienced on occasion.
Mark Care07/18/2014
Great.  Tendai was on time, very friendly, explained everything that he was doing, and asked me for input if and when needed (e.g.: where to put the dishwasher electric box).  His work was done quickly, and done right.  I will definitely continue to use him should any electrical needs arise.
kevin doucet05/02/2014
I had water leaking into my fuse box. Tee worked me into his day, kept me informed about when he could come by, and showed up when he said he would. He assessed the situation and determined that a deteriorated gasket on the conduit leading into the house was the likely problem. The fix was to replace the gasket with sealer. It took him about 30 min and he was not even going to charge me for coming by. I gave him something for his trouble and said I would hire him again. I certainly will!
Brian Fredriksson02/23/2014
Tee was wonderful to work with.  He was very professional and his work was top notch.  I highly recommend him and will definitely call him again if I should need more electrical work. Tee installed a transfer switch for our portable generator.  He also installed additional plugs and lighting in the basement and installed recessed lighting in the living room.  He also repaired a motion light outside the house.
Linda Picceri02/17/2014
I called Tendai after the electrician I had an appointment with never showed up. 2 1/2 hours later I signed up for Angie’s list and read very positive things about Tendai and called him. He was on another job, but told me he could fit me in and would be over after lunch. Tendai arrived, was very thorough and accurately diagnosed the source of my sparking breaker. a previous electrician installed our breaker box and didn’t seal it so moisture was coming into the box and corroding the breakers. Tendai sealed everything and replaced the breakers. The price was very reasonable, and was efficient and polite. I would hire him again in a second.
Cherie Tassi02/12/2014
Tee came out to give an estimate at a convenient time after work. After he gave the estimate, he was able to do the job the same day! It was super convenient and I’m very pleased with the result! Tee was great! I would recommend to friends and family.
Elizabeth Preston12/03/2013
Tee is very personable and responsive to our requests. We are updating our kitchen and needed electrician.  Tee installed 7 recessed lights-all on dimmers and on 4 separate switches.  We love them !  He also installed new outlets and updated old ones.  After doing most of the work he came back to install 2 outlets on peninsula after the carpenter had installed a board. He installed 2 separate new circuits.  He was prompt with quote, which was very reasonable and returns calls promptly.  He was here when he said he would be and cleaned up and left area immaculate.  In couple of weeks we are having him install light above dining table.  We highly recommend Tee and have told friends about him.
James Michniewich11/07/2013
Everything went like steady clockwork.  Both jobs took about about 1 hour total. He checked the wall switch and noticed a wire was disconnected behind the switch harness. the wire was put back and the fan works fine. I mentioned another ceiling fan that the dimmer knob broke off and another electrician told me to replace the whole fan. He said he had a separate switch and replace the old with new and that ceiling fan works fine .
Nansi Sorano10/19/2013
Tee was great! Personable and efficient and reasonably priced.  He assessed the problems with the 4 lights and recommended changes; he then diligently fixed and tested each one. I was preparing for an Open House and needed these items fixed before then.  He was able to work me in even though he had another job to do on Saturday a.m. He arrived just when expeced and did a fine job.  He cleaned up afterwards and removed all debris.  I would definiately use him again. Teeinstalled new  4 new light fixtures just in time for my Open  House – one basement ceiling, two porch lights and one in hallway.
Dru Davidson10/07/2013
A couple of days before we scheduled to leave for a week vacation, our front porch light blew out. It flashed. It smoked. It fizzled. It died. I called him to see about getting this fixed ASAP. He showed up the next day. Assessed the damage. Clearly explained the problem and how he was going to fix it.  Gave me a very reasonable price . He got right to it and was in and out in 45 minutes. We are absolutely planning to call on him for additional work. He came and rewired a porch lamp that had blown out.
Nicholas Orfanedes09/16/2013
Tee is extremely professional. He provided us with a fair quote in a prompt manner and even let us negotitate a bit! He arrived the day of the job on time and kept all his work areas clean by putting down plastic. ( Thank you! ) He hung a delicate chandelier with no problem and made sure I was happy with it’s placement. My husband wanted a few minor adjustments made to the TV installation and Tee came back the next day and did exactly what was asked of him – no extra charge. In short, he listens, his prices are reasonable and he WANTS to make you happy! The cherry on the sundae? He’s a super nice guy! Five stars!! Tee installed a switch for our radon detection system, floodlights on the back of our home, hung a crystal chandelier and set up the audio/video/hung our flatscreen TV.
renee libby09/10/2013
He’s excellant.On one of the hottest day’s in JULY ( OVER 100) he replaced the electrical box.I called him to see if he wanted to reschedule the job,he said he’d be fine. I went to my daughter’s air-conditioned house,and checked in on him through the day (7hrs.)He’s very pleasant,and trusting,and cleans up after he’s work,A+ He also has replaced electrical outlet’s and lighting fixture’s
Janice Laferriere08/29/2013
Tee had to move an outlet for our dishwasher. He moved it to clear newly installed  cabinet . he was quick and did the job correctly. He is a great electrician.
Bennie Bonin05/31/2013
Tee showed up on time, was professional, prepared, and when one of the fixtures to be installed that we had purchased ourselves did not fit, he adjusted price accordingly.  Knows his stuff, licensed, and gets the work done right.  Highly recommend and we are having him do additional work here over the Fall.
John Sheehan08/27/2013
Electrician said he would be there at 5pm, he showed up exactly at 5pm.He was very professional,and neatly dressed. He looked over the outlets to be replaced,and got right to work.He explained after the work that he had done.He was at the house for 1 hr.,and made sure the area was clean before he left. I will definitely will hire him again ,actually he’s coming back on the 8th.
Janice Laferriere05/30/2013
I first have to say that all the electricians I contacted from Angie’s list get back to me either the same day or within 24 hrs.   Ti had time in his schedule and came the next day.  Excellent service, very nice guy and I would hire him again.  Range was in that day…all electrical issues taken care of. We ran into an unexpected issue installing a new range; it was duel fuel and at the last minute we realized that the electrical outlet needed to be replaced to accommodate the new range.
Martha LoPorto08/05/2013
Tee was punctual, worked quickly and was really nice.
Sarah Trachtenberg07/31/2013
We didn’t do any price comparison, as we didn’t know what the problem was.  Hoped Angie’s List would give us a reputable electrician in a timely manor.    Tee was very professional and found the problem and fixed it.    He called the day of service, but didn’t make it until the next day.  It was so hot and humid the day he came and had to climb a ladder.  Took him several hours to fix the blinking light, power surge problem.  All is well and electricity works well.
Diana Bard07/25/2013
Tee had to move an outlet for our dishwasher. He moved it to clear newly installed  cabinet . he was quick and did the job correctly. He is a great electrician.
Bennie Bonin05/31/2013
Tee Furusa came when he said he would, and the price was great.  He made the extra effort that you would hope for–the outside pole light had always been slightly lopsided, and when installing the new one he did the extra work to straighten it (without charging extra for what took definitely more time).   There were bees starting to nest in one of the outside light fixtures, and he asked me for the bee spray and took care of that himself!  He was quiet, courteous, and did excellent work.  I would highly recommend him.
Elizabeth Sullivan05/18/2013
I contacted Tendai (Tee) last evening on Angie’s list. He emailed me back immediately and I was impressed with his quick response. I happen to be off from work the next day and he was able to set an appt. at 8a.m. He arrived at the door with a smile and pleasant mannerism and was happy to get started on the electrical problem I was having. I explained in detail,he explained his fee which I felt was reasonable and he got to work. I liked the fact that when he found the problem he not only explained verbally but showed me on the meter what was happening. I knew immediately I had hired the right guy! He got the job done cleaned up and I will have him back to do some lighting work soon! Great guy! Great Electrician who will put a smile on your face!
Elaine Brown05/09/2013
The owner, Tee, responded promptly to our e-mails and asked all the right questions, so he knew exactly what we wanted before he arrived.  He arrived promptly at the appointed time, treated us both with respect, and gave a price estimate before he began the work.  We weren’t quite sure which circuits we could connect to the generator, and he patiently tested different circuits for us until we got what we wanted.  We would use Tee again for our electrical needs, and recommend him to others.
Karen Muncaster05/08/2013
Tee was extremely responsive, patient, thorough, and professional from start to finish.  He was the 1st to respond to our request for estimate, the first to get his written estimate to us, and the best price of all three.  He came out the day before the job to install the 8- foot grounding posts, because he knew it might take a long time and wanted to get the job done in the time frame he gave us.  One of the new lights was the wrong type for the space, so he offered to purchase one for us when he went to Home Depot for other supplies.  He took the initiative and contacted National Grid to remove the locks on the electric meters.  He also dealt with Comcast hanging up on him and being extremely unresponsive about moving a cable box they put right where the electric meters were supposed to go.  We had ongoing problems with Comcast and Tee followed up with them and with us to make sure our job got done.  We appreciated his willingness to work around the problems and make sure everything worked out to our satisfaction.  We would use him again and recommend him to anyone needing a reliable electrician.  Thank you, Tee!
Replaced five outside porch lights on a 100 year old house, re-piping wiring on one.  Upgraded electrical service to 200 amp.  Moved electric meters from inside house to outside.  Grounded electrical.
Christopher Hoff04/18/2013
It went great! Tendai came right away for a time sensitive upgrade in my home.  I explained how much I needed to get this done asap and he came at 4pm on a Friday with one hour’s notice!  Very friendly and professional and will definitely use again.
Holly Tsourides03/18/2013
As I said before, he gave extra service beyond the same money I paid him.He is very patient. Not only set up the generator switch, and also help me check the working of generator and help me identify one potential electrical issue. I am very happy with the service.
huazhi li01/26/2013
Everything went perfectly!!  Tee arrived on schedule and got everything done as promised.  He even fixed a couple of extra things around the house, including a broken doorbell that hadn’t worked for years.  He is an honest, friendly person who I would strongly recommend to anyone needing electrical work.  I will definitely call him again!
Monica Eynatian01/04/2013
Tee came to my home 12/27 to inspect the work, the next day i had my estimate. He got right to work the following thurs. (would have been sooner but new years day and my schedule). I don’t think there is enough space to explain how pleased i am with the finished work. Tee is extremely professional, very honest, clean and respectable for my home and pets.There was plastic laid down everywhere and they swept anyway at end of day or should i say night.On 1/3 /13 when he started work it was 8 degrees outside. Imagine being in the attic!!! No complaints at all. I have 2 dogs and a cat he worked around them and they loved Tee and his co-worker Jake (also very friendly and clean and respectful of my home). I have 4 more projects to be tackled and i can honestly say i will use Tee again and again. He went above and beyond with his work and professionalism.Install 6 recessed lighting in living room, Install 11 recessed lighting in kitchen, removing old lighting fixtures and fan in the kitchen,installed 3 individual pendant lighting over a kitchen island,remove an  ancient bathroom exhaust fan/heater that was a fire hazard and installed new one,installed 1 recessed light in a 2nd bathroom shower, installed 1 recessed light going downstairs to basement,installed 1 exterior motion light, installed 3 exterior electrical plugs,and installed 2 doorbells.
sheree bereshny01/04/2013
Tee and his helper did a great job.Prompt with his estimate and arrived on time to do the work.Personable and polite.
Denise Stone07/30/2012
I highly recommend Tee for your electrical needs. We removed a wall and moved an outlet and cat 5 wire to an adjacent wall and needed an electrician to finish cutting some wires, etc..Tee was responsive, friendly, and professional throughout the entire process.  He showed up on time and performed the services in about an hour.
T. D.12/10/2012
awesome work .
Mohit Bawa11/24/2012
Tendai was outstanding.  We were pleased with every aspect of his work.  His estimate  (4 weeks) was right on the mark; his price was reasonable (much less than the quote I received from a competitor); he did minimal damage to the walls and ceiling, he did no damage to the crown moldings and baseboards and no damage to walls that we wouldn’t have been able to repair.
He was respectful and honest; nothing disappeared during the time he worked for us.  He always cleaned up after himself, and protected our furniture and rugs.  I didn’t have to ask him to pull a permit; he had already done it.  He was always cheerful despite some very tough wire pulls that left him sweating and tired.
Tendai’s assistant, Jake, was also polite and professional.  The two showed up on time and worked very well, without taking long breaks.  Whenever we checked on them, they were hard at work.  Whenever we needed to discuss anything with them, they were attentive and helpful.
My wife, who is uneasy being alone with contractors, was completely comfortable with Tendai.  She knew his mother, who we also respect and trust.
I can’t imagine doing any better than Tendai.  Whenever I need any more electrical work done, he will be guy.  Most highly recommended. Tendai replaced the existing knob and tube wiring in our three story Victorian.  He ran the wires, and installed 12 new circuits.  The job took over a month, and included wiring on all floors and attic.
TOM FAHLBERG08/15/2012
Tendai was outstanding.  We were pleased with every aspect of his work.  His estimate  (4 weeks) was right on the mark; his price was reasonable (much less than the quote I received from a competitor); he did minimal damage to the walls and ceiling, he did no damage to the crown moldings and baseboards and no damage to walls that we wouldn’t have been able to repair.
He was respectful and honest; nothing disappeared during the time he worked for us.  He always cleaned up after himself, and protected our furniture and rugs.  I didn’t have to ask him to pull a permit; he had already done it.  He was always cheerful despite some very tough wire pulls that left him sweating and tired.
Tendai’s assistant, Jake, was also polite and professional.  The two showed up on time and worked very well, without taking long breaks.  Whenever we checked on them, they were hard at work.  Whenever we needed to discuss anything with them, they were attentive and helpful.
My wife, who is uneasy being alone with contractors, was completely comfortable with Tendai.  She knew his mother, who we also respect and trust.
I can’t imagine doing any better than Tendai.  Whenever I need any more electrical work done, he will be guy.  Most highly recommended. Tendai replaced the existing knob and tube wiring in our three story Victorian.  He ran the wires, and installed 12 new circuits.  The job took over a month, and included wiring on all floors and attic.
TOM FAHLBERG08/15/2012
Emailed on Friday, they showed up first thing Monday morning. Worked for about 2 hours and found that it was loose wiring in the electrical panel. Cost was 225$ and I don’t know if that is low or high.
Ariel Weisberg4/24/2017
Very well.
Michael Zeldin03/28/2017
Excellent. They are very professional, reliable, co-opertive
Mala Bhaskara Sherigar02/07/2017
Very easy to work with. Very reponsive and professional when working on site.
Victor DeMarines01/18/2017
Dining room light was perfect. However the fixture replaced in my closet only lasted a week before it was no longer working. It took a long time to get them back, otherwise would have given an A. When my husband spoke to them they said the pull string fixtures are made very poorly and that I probably pulled the string too hard which is why it broke. I had the prior fixture for 16 years and this one lasted a week? Anyways, they then suggested to get a new fixture installed with an actual light switch so it would last, which we decided to do. However I would have expected a discount or refund on the work originally done that only lasted the week.
Colleen Hanrahan01/10/2017
Prompt, courteous and knowledgeable.
Tim Miller12/27/2016
Performed professionally.
Anthony Kennedy12/12/2016
Great work. No issues!
Brett Schetzsle12/05/2016
They diagnosed and resolved the issue.
Robin Graff11/28/2016
Two electrician showed up and got right to work with the project. Finished it in just under an hour and it works great. They noted that a newly installed electrical panel box had none of the breakers marked and suggested that they could do it for an additional hour’s work. They went through the entire house, every switch and outlet and got the box properly labeled.
Jeffrey French11/20/2016
Used Angie’s List deal for outside GFCI outlet installation. All work performed very neatly and thoroughly. As indicated in the deal (2 hours labor for $99), I payed a fair price for materials and additional labor hours. Would definitely hire again.
Carl Steiling11/11/2016
I had purchased a deal for 8 hours of electrical labor. Tee and came with one more electrician and they worked for four hours
Devendra Gajeshwar10/26/2016
Tee was a pleasure to work with, and did a great job in a less-than-ideal situation (the electrical work in my home was not straight-forward). Very accommodating and honest. Would hire again in a heartbeat.
Dale Pfeiffer09/06/2016
We decided to have 3 Lamp posts installed down the length of our driveway, which is 150 feet long, since friends/family had to usually walk in darkness back to their cars (There are no lights on our street and our porch light didn’t project very far). My first call was to Tee, who had done outstanding work for us in the past. He made a visit to survey the driveway and take measurements and said he would get me an estimate. Once the estimate was sent, we accepted his proposal which we found very reasonable and Tee scheduled the work. Once he arrived, with his assistant, Jake, they went to work digging a trench the entire length of the driveway. It was back breaking work in 90 degree heat. They had to remove huge rocks and boulders embedded beneath the ground every inch of the way up the driveway (there is a pyramid of boulders from their work that is huge!). At the end of that first day, they looked like they were ready to be admitted to an emergency room! They completed an incredible, exhaustive and monumental task. I can’t stress enough the effort they put in! They came back the next day to set the cement for the post bases and lay down conduit and wire. Another two days were needed which had to be scheduled around Tee’s busy work schedule but within 7days, the lamp posts/lanterns were installed and working beautifully. They also installed a motion-activated flood light in the backyard we had needed. Overall, an outstanding job by Tee and Jake! They are at the top of the list when it comes to electricians, absolutely the best. A+++++.
Removal of knob and tube wiring, changing electrical panel, install wall switches and new light fixtures.
It all went well. Price was reasonable for the amount of work they did. They were conscientious, patient and very respectful.
Bunmi Beke07/29/2016
I am completely satisfied.  Tee is very prompt, courteous, and approachable.  I was present during the installation (working in another room), and Tee asked for my feedback during each step (e.g., placement of lights, brightness of lights, etc.) to make sure that I was completely satisfied.  The final product is flawless, and the cleanup was immaculate.  I will definitely contact Tee for future electrical work and recommend him highly to others.
Scott Santarelli06/18/2016
Tee was simply great. Came out to give an estimate. Scheduled for a week later. They arrived on time, worked quickly and cleanly. All the work is perfect. Rather than tack on extra materials, they used some wall switches I already had, and a light fixture I had laying around for the attic light. After they finished they scoped out a few more jobs for me. I’m getting one done immediately (tomorrow) and then I will have them do the other jobs later this Summer. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Cristopher Bjelajac06/14/2016
We had an old wall AC unit (found out it was at least 33 yrs old), that had stopped working.  It was a huge unit that we just couldn’t replace right away.  We finally found a new unit, but realized that the new one ran on 240amps, not 110.  So, we needed to have the wall plug and breaker upgraded to be able to run the new unit.

They responded to my emails yesterday, even though it was a holiday, and came out first thing this morning to give an estimate.  It was in line with another estimate we had received.  But the difference was, they could do it right then!

So, we had them change out the breaker and outlet.  They were here 20 minutes.

Great experience!

Thank you!

Andrew Linn05/31/2016
The work went very well.
Thomas Hoyle03/31/2016
They installed an outdoor electrical box and tied it to an inside receptacle. Fast and friendly. Recommended
Donald Jr02/26/2016
Tee and his team installed additional circuit breakers in my finished basement that was originally all on one circuit.  They also installed a circuit, wiring, plug and switch for a garbage disposal.  In addition they replaced a bank of fluorescent lights with a new LED light panel.  They were on time, neat and professional.  They cleaned up after they were finished.  They went through the job to confirm with me what I wanted before they started and at several points during the job.  After they were finished they showed me all of the completed work and labeled all of the new circuits for me in the electrical box.  I will be hiring them for additional work at my home. Tee and his team installed additional circuit breakers in my finished basement that was originally all on one circuit.  They also installed a circuit, wiring, plug and switch for a garbage disposal.  In addition they replaced a bank of fluorescent lights with a new LED light panel.
Mary Kaplan01/25/2016
Tee came over to do the estimate and I was shocked with not only his professionalism but by his enthusiasm.  I asked him to quote running an extra TV cable to the attic and he jumped right up and inspected access ways.  After that I received my quote quickly and electronically.  Tee showed up on time and did a great job.  Other than having a hard time getting the town inspector by to sign off Tee did a great job.  Even the inspector agreed that he was neat and obviously good at his job.
Jesse Lucas01/12/2016
Tee is hands-down the most responsive, professional contractor I’ve worked with.  He returns calls and emails and texts quickly; he intiates communication if there’s the slightest delay or if he said he’d follow up on something; and he arrives when he says he will.  The quality of his work is high – no crooked outlets or oversized holes for receptacles, and of course it passes inspection.  He and J are friendly and pleasant and relaxed, but all business on the job – the work gets done with good humor and on time.  I was working to a tight timeline, and Tee had no trouble meeting the deadline.  If A+ was an available rating, I’d have scored these guys higher.  Recommend without hesitation.
Elizabeth Bitner01/12/2016
Openings in the ceiling for recessed fixtures were carefully and cleanly done; routing of wiring was done efficiently in spite of in wall barriers etc. All work was completed within timelines and budget set prior to work. Provider arrived on time each day needed.  All issues discussed with customer if deviations from original work plan were necessary. Provider purchased fixtures matching specs provided by customer.
Michael Zeldin12/31/2015
Terrific! I called at the last minute after another lighting company late cancelled on me, and they came out to my home that day! Very nice, great work, will definitely use them again the next time we have lighting projects.
Ellen Kulp10/14/2015
Tee came to our house about an hour after I called him, as promised, and was professional, efficient and friendly. He took a look at the outlet where we had an issue and diagnosed the problem right away. It was a short circuit. He fixed it  and explained how we could make sure it wouldn’t happen again.. We’ll be needing electrical work in the very near future (lights installed in kitchen) and we will absolutely call this service provider. A+++++
Diane Dexter04/27/2015
Project was a 1900 Victorian renovation where the kitchen was demo to the studs, library converted to laundry room, 2 bathrooms wrre gutted and redone, knob and tube replaced on first floor, attic was pre-wired for future master bedroom build, ceiling fan installed, kitchen had high end appliances as indicated in the of what the provider did (48″ vent and range, double oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, island light, recessed light etc).
Tendai Furusa Electricia quote was almost $2k less than other contractors and his work was outstanding. He was diligent, supportive, professional, punctual and reasonable in his approach to providing service. Once scheduled, he showed up on time and was very creative in helping us get through multiple issues encountered during the project. His creativity was outstanding especially during the last day of the project.
The electrical final inspection was completed, he came back to close out and we discovered an issue on our second floor that had nothing to do with our agreement. He spent many hours troubleshooting without charging us and he ended up suggesting a small change that rectified the issue and saved us a ton of money.
Some of his great service orientation is that when we had to rewire our first floor to replace knob and tube, he was diligent in informing us that he would have to cut into the ceiling. He did  everything he could to avoid it but he ended up having to cut in. The holes were small and we were able to patch them quickly with limited impact to the overall space in a 115 years old house.
Working with Tendai Furusa was a pleasure as we believe we got more than what we paid for. We cannot shower enough praise for his work that was very well done. We’ll definitely be calling on him for future projects big or small. If you are in the market for a good trust worthy electrician, call Tendai Furusa Electrician.
Oyegbemi Akintan08/31/2015
Installed bathroom vent and fan. Went ok. The home is older and the electrical wiring is dated. They brought the bathroom to code.
Lu-Ann Harris07/22/2015
Fixed electrical short circuit.
Anthony Martinez07/20/2015
I had an emergency in which someone mistakenly cut through live wires we thought were dead.  Tendai and Jake came that very evening to check and secure what had been done.  It was a challenge because my house is nearly 100 years old and the wiring is not that old, but VERY old.  They did a great job securing the cut wires and keeping electricity on for a couple of weeks – I was just leaving for a week of international travel!
When I returned, they came back and showed me hat the covering on the wires was falling apart.  Although it was a big job, I OK’d them to rewire the entire first floor!
They came back for 3 days to complete that task.  They had to not just re-wire but re route most of it!!  They had to go up in my small attic to anchor in new boxes under the floor to wire to!!  (Sorry if I don’t know all of the correct electrical terms!)
They did an amazing job, and even suggested putting 3 celing lights where I had none, and I could really use them.  This house had gas lighting at one point, so they had to get rid of some of that old piping and fixtures as well.
They saw stuff in the cellar as well that could be dismantled, and they did a lot of work rewiring down there!
Tendai and Jake were always friendly, explained things clearly, offered suggestions, and always tried to do the best for the $ as well which I appreciated.  They had to move stuff around every day, but left everything back in place, clean and swept!
They did little things like put light bulbs in the hanging light fixtures, as I had to order the actual lights.  They had great ideas on where to put the switches, etc etc etc.
I would have them do any electrical work here again (which I’m sure I’ll need at “this old house”)
Anne Whitaker07/02/2015
We had an emergency call. I found him on this website, called him up and he came over that morning. Very nice and unbelievably helpful. He quickly addressed the problem, gave me additional tips, and helped evaluate other potential problems.
Caitlin Mulvey06/04/2015
I somehow managed to drop a board on my meter while working on windows above it.  Smashed the meter, broken glass… and the meter box itself was pulled from the house.  These gents showed up and realized there was nothing they could do until my power was turned off.  Gave me good advice on how to handle the electric company and were in general very helpful.  They even text me a few times asking if the power company had showed up yet (so they could fix the box).  The electric company being the electric company didn’t show up until night… shut my power off and left.  Now Tendai could not help me the next day because he was booked but he did call me to make sure I found another electrician (and would have stopped later in the day if not).  Wow, an electrician calling me just to make sure I was OK!  Never charged me a penny… just very helpful.  Real nice guys.  I will use them in the future no doubt.
Russell Peterson05/19/2015
Installed a bathroom exhaust fan. They were quick and efficient and also fixed a couple of other small electrical issues while they were here. T is a very nice guy and very helpful.
Jeanne Smith01/13/2015
Installed 240V electic service.
Christopher Nichols01/13/2015
We didn’t have any work done but I felt confident that this electrician was fully capable of doing the
Lynne Lenker12/08/2014
I wasn’t thrilled that replacing a few light fixtures would require so much work, but that’s the fault of the previous owner for taking shortcuts.  Tendai was FANTASTIC.  He got everything done, he let me know about the changes in scope and made sure I was OK with them before proceeding, he got everything done quickly, he gave me everything in writing, and he made sure the apartment passed inspection.  On top of that, the quality of his work is extremely good – all the lines are neat and tidy, all the new fixtures are well positioned, everything looks clean and professional. While renovating an apartment, I called TFE to replace 6 light fixtures, install 2 new light fixtures, re-run a thermostat wire, install a GFCI outlet, swap 2 circuits that were in the wrong panels – and, most importantly, make sure the apartment would PASS INSPECTION. Tee also found that to replace the light fixtures, 5 new circuits would be required to bring the apartment up to code.  Those new circuits required new outlets and a new breaker panel.
Jesse Burson11/08/2014
Tee was very responsive and knowledgeable. He initially showed up after working hours (around 7, very convenient!) for an evaluation, where we agreed he would need to return for a full day. We agreed upon a time the following week and he showed up punctually. Additionally, he was clear about his fees and gave me good expectations of a worst case scenario on the big day. The job was this: two sides of  the third floor of a four unit residential building had been wired as an extension of the smoke detector circuit, so it was tripping constantly and tenant utility use was being paid for by the owner. Tee ran a new line from an existing breaker to each of the apartment circuits, each consisting of two rooms and a hall light. He expected up to a whole day, but finished in about 5 hours. This was my first experience working directly with an electrician and I will both recommend him to others as well as utilize his services in the future.
Joshua Beausoleil06/01/2014
Tendai Furusa Electrical is a highly professional, very skilled organization who perform quality work.  They are responsive, punctual, and very customer oriented.  When Tendai and his partner Jake arrived, they first listened intently to the issues we were having and then immediately got to work.  While Jake was working on replacing a mounted electric heater, Tendai was in the basement, they communicating with each other the whole time.  These guys really know what they’re doing.  Initially, it was not clear what was causing our electrical problems.  As Tendai was backing out of the driveway to get the new heater element, his focus on properly diagnosing the issue made him back up and take a look at the main electrical connection for the house.  That was when he discovered the problem.  Main connection wires had been burned due to loose wiring.  If left untreated, these charred electrical connections would have caused a major  fire within the home.  I am positive that Tendai’s intent focus on his job is what saved our home.  I found both Tendai and Jake to be personable, professional, and respectful and their work top notch.  We definitely received excellent value for the price we paid.  These folks are honest and go above and beyond in the quality work they provide. I highly recommend this company and we will definitely be a repeat customer.
Thomas Savage10/02/2014
Electrician Tendai Furusa and his assistant Jake are true professionals. They arrived promptly and the price was fair. I do most of the interior electrical work myself, but felt uncomfortable working on the main line feeding into the house. My friend recommended Angie’s List, I joined sent Tendai a message, within two minutes I had a reply, in a half hour they where at the house with the solution, work completed that day, better than original. I realize luck was involved, they where actually driving back from a completed job and had a brief window of opportunity to do this work, but I am grateful and I recommend the Tendai Furusa electrical team.
Bryant Salvesen10/25/2014
I keep going back to Tee with electrical work and it literally gets better every time. I had a list of a dozen jobs, big and small, around my house for him to do. He showed up on time, gave me a written quote and we scheduled the work. He completed the work on time and it looks and functions perfectly. He is open to my ideas and will make alterations if I have a different perspective. He and Jake are friendly, professional, quick, and efficient. I can’t recommend their service enough!
andrew riecker09/02/2014
My experience with Tendai was excellent.  His price was great, he always responded to both phone and email on a timely basis, and was very professional in all of his dealings with me.  He was pleasant to have in the house and was punctual and efficient.  He also was able to deal with working with me (an amateur) as both the general contractor and the labor for all work other than electrical and plumbing, which I am sure was not always easy.  I have another project coming up soon and will not be checking Angie’s list for an electrician as I have already found someone I am very happy to work with! Completed the electrical work for a new bath in an existing room requiring the rerouting on a number of circuits and the installation of a several new ones in addition to a vent fan.  He also installed new outlets for a laundry area.
Sam Gruenbaum08/21/2014
Tee arrived promptly at 8:00 AM. He was very professional and pleasant when I met him at the door. He quickly assessed the work and promptly provided a written estimate. We agreed on the estimate and the work and he immediately went to work. Replacing the ceiling fan required a ladder and Tee brought in sheeting to protect the rug below and was careful with the fan that he was taking down because the fan was going to someone else to use. Each of the various jobs that he did were done very efficiently and the work area was kept clean and neat, including the outside work. I would definitely contact Tee for future work and would recommend him to others. Tee removed an existing ceiling fan and replaced Irish a new fan and switch set. He also traced an outside line to find a short running to an outdoor landscape bed outlet and replaced the mounting post GFI outlet. He replaced a defective Gfi on the deck of our house. He installed a dimmer switch in the dining room, and repaired a recessed light above a staircase. He also went out to purchase materials that I neglected to have available for him to use during the installation.
Gary Lambert08/07/2014
Tendai was very prompt, professional, friendly, and efficient. He added new light fixtures and switches, electrical repairs. I’ll use him for all future electrical work.
Leslie Nicholas07/08/2014
Nice work! Put in a 240 outlet and hooked up an electric car charging station.
lynn arsenault06/25/2014
Tendai Furusa provided a written estimate for the work even though he was there to perform the work that day. I felt this was an additional step that some service providers would not have done. This made it very clear what the scope and cost of the work was. I really like a written estimate for those reasons.
After I approved the estimate, he identified the materials I needed and purchased them for me. The installation was complete within the time he estimated, he clean up after himself and the work that was done was indistinguishable for the work originally done when the hours was built 2 years ago. I’ve tested everything and it is working as expected. There is nothing I would want to change about what he did. We feel we got what we paid for and plan to have him back for some work in the future.
I would recommend Tendai Furusa because he is professional, does high quality work and is very effective at communicating.
Daniel Morneau05/04/2014
My initial call to this company was responded to within 24 hours and a mutually acceptable date was set after I briefly explained the problem.  They were busy and told me it would be two weeks and their estimate was spot-on. Upon arrival, I explained the entire situation and shared the fact that my brother, also and electrician, had suggested that full examination of each outlet would be a good idea before taking so drastic an action as tearing into the mahagony flooring.  Tee agreed and explained thay had a standard fee for such troubleshooting work, an amount which I considered totally acceptable.
Quite literally mements later, I saw that power had been restored to the exterior lights on the porch.  Tee came in, shaking his head and asked me to come out so I could see what the problem had been, which he photographed before fixing.  Someone had disconnectd the wire which provided power to the porch and carefully tucked it back into the conduit that led to the porch.  Once reconnected, full power was restored.  So no cutting into the floor, or my alternaive, which would have been to cut an access through the concrete foundation.  In either case, thousands of dollars for a problem that was not a problem at all.
We used up the rest of the hour replacing bulbs in some exterior can lights and that was it.  I am obviously extraordinarily happy with the outcome and now feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that I have a competent, honest and reliable electrician to call upon when needed. I needed Tee to troubleshoot lost power to a free-standing screened porch.  I had been told by the previous electrician that the most likely cause was rodent damage to wires underneath the flooring of the porch (which was built on a full concrete foundation).  Since no access to the area under the porch had been  left when it was constructed, the conclusion of the contractor who built the structure and his current electrician (not the original one) was that an access would need to be cut into the mahagony flooring to “investigate” the source of the problem.  The power source for the porch was in an adjacent structure where the electrical panel was located.  Despite rigorous attempts to query the electrician about why he was so sure the problem was under the porch I was unable to get any information, just that he “needed to get under the floor”.
Maureen Myers05/02/2014
He was punctual, neat, and nicely mannered. He was reasonably priced too.I used Tendai Furusa Electrician. He did several electrical jobs around the house. He also installed a replacement bathroom’s exhaust fan and light set up in its entirety.
sue keamy01/20/2014
The only information to add to the above is that I did have 2 other electricians give me quotes. The price Tee gave us was less plus he was the only one that arrived on time.Tee was on time and professional when he came to give us a quote. When I called to make an appointment to have the work done he was willing to help me work within my busy schedule. He came right on time to do the work. We had left alot of electrical work that needed fixing until we had decided on lighting that we needed to be added. Tee got right to work and completed the job more quickly than I had anticipated. He cleaned up thoroughly before he left. He charged us the price he had quoted us. We will definitely use him again. No hesitation.
marianne logan12/13/2013
Tee was exceptional and did a terrific job on every single one of the items that he tackled. Tee had to overcome some challenges in this job, including some unexpected excavations and some bizarre wiring choices made by the prior owner of the home. Everything was completed timely (only took one day!!!) including his estimates. On-time, super courteous and fairly priced.
I would highly recommend his work to anyone and in fact I am having him come back to do a second round of jobs as I was so pleased with his performance the first time. Tee was brought in to do a wide variety of work for our home including running power out to our shed, replacing a number of those ridiculous halogen ceiling lights, installing a new bathroom vent fan and a bunch of other stuff.
Holly Shreve10/11/2013
My husband and I had a home inspection done in preparation for selling our home.  Tee had done such a good job for us the last time he was here that there was no question about our asking him to help us again.  He had said that he would come back to install lights in our finished basement after we had ceiling repair work done and when I called to schedule that with him, I asked if he could look over the list of recommendations from the home inspector and perform that work for us.  As promised, Tee installed the lights then took care of everything on the list.  He also provided us with a recommendation for a contractor who would be willing to address the other small items on the list.Replaced standard outlets with GFCIs, added an outlet to the garage, updated the electrical box in the basement, installed lights.
Mary Brunetti10/04/2013
MrFurusa came to look things over and gave an estimate and then showed up (on time!) and performed the work quickly and cleanly.  The results look great and the estimated cost was also the final cost. The electrician put in a ceiling light and replaced a dead light in the basement, and added another secondary light.
paul nutter09/26/2013
Tee was excellent. He was prompt, professional and very personable. He came to the house for an estimate within a few days of my call and emailed me a quote the same day. I had originally asked him to install a light fixture and troubleshoot an outlet. I later realized I needed a light switch changed as well. Tee changed the switch at no additional charge. His prices were reasonable and the quality of his work was excellent. Before he left I requested an additional estimate for recessed lighting as I plan to hire him again in the future. I highly recommend his services. Thanks Tee!
Danielle Stelling09/11/2013
Tee replaced several old two-prong outlets with new 3-whole outlets; replaced the ballast in the fluorescent light over the workbench in the utility section of our basement; and, installed junction boxes for replacement lights in the finished section of our basement.  During the prep work to install new lights in our basement,Tee discovered that when the current lights were installed, they were not installed correctly and that the previous installation left huge holes in the ceiling.  This discovery changed the course of action and instead of installing the lights, Tee just installed the boxes and will return to install the lights after the sheet rock work is complete.
Tee completed all the work for which he gave us an estimate and in addition he tested a light fixture that had become problematic following his initial visit.  Fortunately, the problem turned out to be just the bulb.  We were very pleased with Tee and the services he provided and would definitely contact Tee again for any work we need done.  We would also recommend Tee to anyone needing electrical work.
Mary Brunetti09/03/2013
The electrician was amazing. He happened to be in Dracut and was at the house in 20 minutes. We had no idea what was wrong but was able to find the problem and show us what was going on so that we understood. He was able to restore all of the power that randomly went out and gave us a quote before he did any work. He was very thorough and asked a lot of questions to understand the problem.He also was incredibly polite, always smiling, and made sure that our little cat was okay. He even called as he was leaving to remind me that the garage door was open. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs electrical work done and we will be using him in the future!
Laura LeSaffre07/17/2013
Tee (as he likes to be called) was terrific. His estimate was dead – on accurate, he was punctual and the work he did was impeccable. He’s a very nice guy too, pleasant to deal with and to have in your house. I’ve hired other electricians before (I’ve owned 7 houses in 3 states) and I’d have to say that Tee Furusa is the best electrician I’ve ever used. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and I’ll absolutely call him if I need any electrical work in the future. Installed a ceiling fan in master bedroom that had no overhead fixture, installed a whole – house surge protector that I supplied (Environmental Potentials EP-2050), added an AC outlet in basement, ran a CAT-6 ethernet cable from router in basement to the family room, replaced ceiling fan in family room, installed ceiling light fixtures in two bedrooms, replaced florescent light fixture in kitchen with track lighting, installed pendent lamp in kitchen, replaced three sconces in various rooms, repaired dead GFCI outlet on porch.
Robert Doorack08/28/2013
All went very well. He came to inspect as promised and came the next day to do the work. Very professional, regarding work and regarding behavior.  I will definitely call him again for any future electrical work. replaced main electrical distribution box in my house
Aleksander Kavs08/26/2013
Highly recommened!  Two man crew, Tee (primary) and Jake completed all of the work in a day and a half – the half day being a Saturday.  Work was high quality and professionally done.  Knowledgeable, hard working, and very personable guys.  Neat and clean, courteous to homeowner (eg. shutting off as few zones as possible for as little time as possible).  Very willing to help out.  I bought the wrong size light/fan fixture for my bathroom and Tee ran out to buy the correct one for me from his supplier in under an hour.  Price was exactly as estimated and very fair for the volume and quality of work performed.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, and probably will!
Cynthia Naugler08/15/2013
Awesome!  I thought he could repair my smoke alarms, but ended up I needed new ones.  So not only did he install the new carbon/smoke alarms, he went out and purchased them for me and returned promptly.  He fixed a light over my kitchen sink  and looked at the overhead light.  I will definitely hire him again when I purchase new fan, chandelier, and kitchen light. Electrical Work – including purchasing and installing 3 carbon monoxide/smoke alarms and fixed a light over my kitchen sink.  Also tried to repair kitchen overhead light, but I need a new fixture.
Joanne Ranagan07/22/2013
Tee Furusa rewired three circuits in my kitchen. He arrived when he said he would and did excellent work at a fair price. Throughout the project he explained my options clearly and kept me informed of his progress.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.
Paul Giblin05/21/2013
Tee Furusa came when he said he would, and the price was great.  He made the extra effort that you would hope for–the outside pole light had always been slightly lopsided, and when installing the new one he did the extra work to straighten it (without charging extra for what took definitely more time).   There were bees starting to nest in one of the outside light fixtures, and he asked me for the bee spray and took care of that himself!  He was quiet, courteous, and did excellent work.  I would highly recommend him.
Elizabeth Sullivan05/18/2013
tee was very professional, on time and fast.
Bennie Bonin05/15/2013
Tee came by on a Thursday morning to walk through the house with my dad and wife to go over the work we might like done. He emailed a quote to us by the end of the day. He quoted $740 for all of the things we wanted done. I ran the quote by a friend who knows a lot about electrical work and he said the quote was very fair.
Tee was able to do the work the next day, but we had him come on Monday. Tee arrived on time, completed everything he had quoted us and even went above and beyond and rewired the safety sensors that had been incorrectly installed on the garage door opener at no extra charge. In the end, he ended up working longer than the six hours he quoted, but he did not charge a penny more than the quote.
We could not have been more happy with Tee’s service. He is a young guy who carries himself like a professional. He was friendly to speak with, he is quick to respond to phone calls or emails, cleans up when he is done, and does quality work.
We look forward to working with him again when its time to finish our basement.My wife and I recently purchased a home from a house flipper and wanted to verify the electrical work was done properly. The biggest concerns we had were an incorrectly wired garage door opener, a bathroom fan/heater that seemed to be dimming the lights in the entire house, and breakers constantly going off.
Smaller items we wanted worked on if we could afford it were: adding an outdoor outlet to our deck, correcting two incorrect breakers that our home inspector noticed, adding another outlet to our garage for a chest freezer, rewiring the outlets in the bedrooms so that the light switch didn’t turn off the entire outlet, and adding a vent for the bathroom fan which had been dumping into the attic.
Christian Erhartic05/09/2013
Tee responded to my call on the same day and was able to come the following evening. He is very polite and personable and was neat in his work, cleaned up afterwards.  Very professional.   He showed up exactly on time. It was very convenient to me that he could come in the evening so I didn’t have to take time off from work or have to wait a long time to get an appointment.  As my job was very small, I was concerned about finding an electrician that would wnat to do it.  He assured me that no job was too small.  I will definatley call him again if I’m in need of an electrician.
William McGarry05/08/2013
Great experience with a great tradesman! Tee (Tendai Furusa) was great! I was getting my utilities updated as I was installing a new stackable front load washer and dryer in a tight space. We had to change the time once as he helped me decide that the plumber should do his work first. He was good at getting  back to me promptly. He put in a new heavy duty electrical outlet and recessed it for me just like I wanted. He even asked me if there was anything else he could do for me while he was there. He put in a new special battery that my Verizon Fios service asked that we change in the basement near the Fios box, for free!  He is professional and friendly. I feel glad to have found him.
Karen Currier
Tee arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled time.  He was very nice and I think maybe was a little surprised that the job was a little more difficult than he was expecting – we hadn’t told him which floor the bathroom was on or explained the strange layout of the electrical circuits in our somewhat older house – but he was very professional and got started right away.  He had told us ahead of time that if any parts were needed he’d ask us to pay for those as well, which was fine.  It turned out my husband had misspoken explaining what type of outlet/switch we wanted so he didn’t have the right part (our fault) but went right out and got what he needed.  He finished the entire job in about 3 hours, which we never could have done on our own.  Despite some of the complications slowing him down, he stuck to his $200 quote and applied the 10% discount coupon from Angie’s List.  He only charged us $5 for the piece he had to go out to pick up.  And he also put up with our very curious dog during all of it!  He didn’t hesitate to ask any questions when he needed information to do the job properly and I felt comfortable being in the house while he worked.  Oh he also received a call while he was cleaning up (left minimal mess and even moved the curtains to avoid dust, which was nice!) and right away asked to call them back since he was on a job, which I thought was very polite and professional.  The fan works great and we’d definitely call him again for any electrical work. We called Tee to help with installation of an exhaust fan in our first floor bathroom of a standard cape home.  The house is about 60 years old and there was never a fan there so we were starting from scratch.  My husband had started the work but this was a little too advanced for an electrical rookie so he called Tee and explained the situation.  We also needed to convert a normal wall outlet to include a switch for the fan (we didn’t want it to turn on every time we turn the light on).  The quote Tee gave us was $200 to not only wire the fan, but he also said he would complete the duct work to the exterior of the house and finish hanging the fan, which was a bit lower than other quotes we received that did not include completing the install for us.
Theresa Bomal01/31/2013
Every project was completed on time for the price quoted and never any issue.Tendai installed a temp panel for my emergency generator. Tendai completed 5 projects for me totaling $5.500.00 at my home and at our rental property. He installed recessed lighting at two properties. Exterior lighting at our rental property. Complete replacement of all interior wall outlets, plugs, and ceiling lights at a three bedroom condo. He is professional, hardworking, and attentive to any changes in the work. I would recommend him for any project and will definitely use him in the future.
steven federico11/23/2011
Tee showed up on time to do an estimate for us.  The main job was the installation of some recessed lights; in addition, we also wanted him to replace a ceiling light fixture as well as install some programmable thermostats.  Tee gave us an estimate for the recessed lights and said he won’t charge us for the other work.
Tee showed up on time two days later for the job.  He was very personable the entire time even when he realized the recessed light work was going to be much more challenging than he anticipated.  Tee worked the entire time he was here.  After he completed the work and got paid, I realized there were some issues with lights in another part of the house.  I called him even thought I was not sure his work caused the problems.  He returned the next day – a Sunday no less – and fixed the issue for me.  Even though the issue was unrelated to what he had done for us the previous day, he declined payment saying it was a Christmas gift. I hired Mr.Tee Furusa to install six recessed lights for us and he ended up staying two additional hours doing some odds and ends electrical work like replacing a ceiling light, installing programmable thermostats and hard wired smoke detectors for us.  When he was done, he said he did not want to be paid for the additional work because it was a Christmas gift for us.  This is the first time I have ever met Tee!  By the way, we loved the recessed light work he did for us.  I cannot give Tee a higher recommendation.
James Lin12/16/2012
He is friendly and works with you. He discussed different options for setting up our portable generator and helped us make good choices. Even did things like point out that we might have forgotten the microwave and may want to reserve a circuit for that. He showed up on time and cleaned up when finished. We had our house wired to hook up with a portable generator.
Suzanne Trayhan10/22/2012
This could not have gone any better. Everything took less than 24 hours total.
I found Tee on Angie’s List and gave him a call on my way home from work. We agreed to meet that day. He arrived promptly and took an estimate of my projects. He said he could show up the next day at 2PM to perform the work. Not only had a I met him the day I called, but he could perform the service the next day.
He ended his prior job early so he was able to start my job early. 2.5 hours later everything was done and working perfectly. Not only that, but he went above and beyond to neaten up the area that had previously been messy and sloppily wired. I’ve had different experiences with service experts before, both good and bad. I can easily say this was the best of them all. I will certainly do business with TFE again!
andrew riecker09/09/2012
His work turned out great.  He is dependable.  What he quotes is what it turns out to be.  His pricing is fair.  He goes above what the job is.He has helped us with light fixtures, outlets, switches, and more.  He will be doing our kitchen when we get that all settled.
marc martinez09/06/2012
Very professional and thorough job.
Olga Medvedeva09/04/2012

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